Our Practice

We make beautiful places for people to live and work around the world.

Our designs are clever and different and handbuilt. We use innovative techniques and wonderful natural materials to create timeless buildings to last generations. Our new buildings are fabulous and contemporary, while we breathe new life into older buildings by introducing current technologies, materials and design while respecting, sometimes celebrating, the spirit of the original.

We’ve learnt it’s best to keep an open mind, because sometimes the requirements of site, budget or taste will challenge a design and produce something truly exceptional. Similarly with conservation. We want to change the way the world looks, but it turns out there are some wonderful bits we need to keep. And, as a good deal of our work involves listed or period buildings, we are reassuringly knowledgable about restoration and conservation techniques.

We like that we stay lively and adaptable, which might explain why we’re good at helping clients define their brief, particularly if they’re not sure what they’re looking for. We like to get to know you and the same team is responsible for the project from start to finish. They will be there from the first viewing of a potential property, you can call them at any time to discuss aspects of the project and the programme, and they will manage the process all the way from inception and planning through to the final cleaning and beyond.

We excel at managing planning applications and have notched up some supreme victories, which is hugely encouraging for our clients because experience and agility when dealing with planning are at the crux of creating value in a project.

Our incredibly talented team combines the creativity and personal service of a bespoke design studio with extreme attention to detail and superb organisational skills. We have been registered to ISO 9001 for quality assurance for over ten years.

We design houses, apartments, pods, beach houses, luxury homes, developments and hotels and, without exception, they are places and spaces we would like to live or work in and we believe you will too.

If you're curious and you'd like to know more, please do get in touch.


Charles Humphries/Director

+44 (0)20 7837 2211