Barnes 028

During their brief tenure, the previous owners of this elegant early Victorian stucco fronted house in Barnes had virtually demolished the interior, including the stairs.

We built a new cantilevered helical wooden staircase in a glass tower at the rear giving us the fantastic opportunity to create large lateral spaces at each floor level. Interior mouldings and panelling were restored and the new elements designed to blend with the original.

The kitchen was sited in the lower level so to bring more light in we created new openings at the front and rear and structural glazed panels in the floor. The courtyard gardens at the front and rear were designed with the client as multi-level outdoor urban rooms.

Winner of the Wood Awards small project award.

“The thing I like most about the house is that it’s flooded with light in every room; it’s just glorious"


“This semi-detached Victorian house in west London was transformed from a derelict shell into a light-filled family home, full of personal pieces. Inspired by Georgian example, Charles envisaged the elegant new staircase in the form of a helix or spring, which would unfurl in one astonishing cantlevered spriral from basement to attic"

House and Garden